Wood turning is the craft of using the wood lathe with hand held tools to cut a shape that is symmetrical around the axis of rotation. The application of faceplate and spindle turning techniques using maple, walnut, red oak, and exotic woods results in intricate shapes and designs that highlight the natural color and the beautifully grained patterns of the wood. With these turning techniques, I create usable art such as bark-edged bowls, vessels, sculptural forms, and pepper mills. The combination of the beauty of the wood grain with the strength of the finished piece provides great personal satisfaction.

Woodturning Portfolio:

Bringing Out the Wood's Inner Beauty

Cherry Burl Natural Edge
Cherry Burl Natural Edge
Cherry Burl Natural Edge
Box Elder Vase
Candle Sticks
Red Oak
Red Oak with Purple Heart Rim
Cherry Off-set Bowl
Black Walnut Vessel
Box Elder Bowl
Maple Ambrosia Bowl
Spalted Maple Natural Edge
Red Oak Natural Edge
Red Oak Spalted
Pecan End Grain Natural Edge
Spalted Maple Natural Edge
Spalted Maple Bowl
Spalted Maple Natural Edge
Bakers Table
Salt and Pepper Mills